My Tumbling Journal.

- Seventeen years young
- Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets '12, '13
- I enjoy dancing. spinning. reading. writing. drawing. loving. cuddling. hugging. ♥
-I'm pretty broken and torn up on the inside... but no worries, It's all locked up inside :)

For anyone reading this, always feel free to free yourself from your thoughts, talk to me! Ask for a friend if you may wish to, because im always open to listening to someone, and making a new friends. I'd just like to let you know that you should never have to feel alone in this world. So to anyone reading this, I don't care how old are you, your gender, your beliefs. I don't care about any of that. I will never Judge you and whenever you need help. I will be here for you. After-all we are all human. I'd love to be there for you!

I ♥ you. Stay Strong.
I like giving out hugs... So -Hugs- :3

Drum Corps International
''Take your place in history: Inspire, soar, excel. You are marching music's major league.''
Live to aspire♥
Colossal gelato waffle cone. Why not? :D @maiyimaiyi #gelato #freeday

Colossal gelato waffle cone. Why not? :D @maiyimaiyi #gelato #freeday

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